An Interesting Proof of GodŐs Existence






God As Limiter


Pf: By Contraposition:


Suppose it is not that case there is a God. Then time is infinite,1 and you are an empirically finite collection of chemicals.2


Since time is infinite and your youness is finite, then you have had infinite occurrence,3 and infinite variation.4


Since you have been infinitely varied, you would have attained the ability to forward, or compile, your memories.


Yet it is not the case you have infinite regression of memory from time immemorial.


Hence, God exists.




What makes this reasoning so interesting is that, unlike other presentations, it does not beg the question over Creation. Rather, it explains God as a Grand Limiter, necessarily checking runaway infinities.



1. We regard Anything that can arbitrarily start and stop time as being equivalent to God.

2. No God, no divine spirit. Although it is certainly the case that we can possess a ghost in the machine without God, that ghost, by definition, is not divine, and hence, cannot be certainly counted on to transcend the empirical world.

3. Even so in finite space.

4. The one where you turn left instead of right, where you are a mass murderer, and the one where you save the Universe.







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